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Moveo SR

Skin Revitalization – Moveo SR

Restore that youthful glow and refresh your complexion with skin revitalization that targets damaged and aging skin. Moveo SR is a quick, pain-free, no-downtime treatment using an Nd:YAG (1064 nm) laser.


Moveo PL

Pigmented Lesions – Moveo PL

Comfortably reduce large areas of pigmented lesions on your face, hands, arms, legs, chest and even back. MoveoPL treats dark spots, sun damage and other benign pigmented lesions with the efficacious Alexandrite laser.


Moveo VL

Diminish facial redness, rosacea and flushing with this smooth and pleasant treatment. Moveo VL uses the highly effective Nd:YAG laser to target unwanted vascular lesions.



Halcyon's Laser Facial

Halcyon's Photo-Collagen Laser Facial combines all three of our Laser Rejuvenation offerings into one treatment!

With this stacked treatment option we can address vascular lesions, collagen stimulation, and pigmented lesions with the comfort of moveo and without downtime. Correct multiple skin concerns using the moveoVL, moveoSR and moveoPL with the optimal patient experience and uniform results in single session treatments. Make your skin Glo!



The Nd-YAG laser is used to treat dilated small blood vessels (telangiectasia) and diffuse redness. Deeper and larger red and purple vascular lesions may also be treated, including lip venous lakes and birthmarks such as port wine stains, venous malformations and haemangiomas. The laser heats and destroys blood vessels with minimal damage to the surrounding skin.
The causes of telangiectasia and redness include hereditary influences on complexion, sun damage, temperature extremes and acne rosacea. Multiple treatments will most likely be required to achieve the desired result. As these are usually ongoing problems, it is usual for them to eventually return and further treatment will be necessary. 

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